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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this like a magic show?

NO!  We want to show the kids the DIFFERENCE between magic and science.  Sure, magic is fun - and, in fact, we start the show with a magic trick - but with science there are no secrets! 

We as Mad Scientists get to tell everyone how everything works! 

We'll do lots of fun, visually interesting experiments, with plenty of opportunities for helpers (usually the birthday child)!  Our inquiry-based presentation ensures that the show isn't a lecture.  

We want the kids to tell US what's going to happen.  We pose problems and "what-ifs" and let THEM work out hypotheses that WE test out!

What kind of experiments do you do?
Here are a few examples of experiments the show might include.  We may:

  • Fit a hardboiled egg into an impossibly small space!
  • Create tornadoes in a tube!
  • "Melt" styrofoam
  • Light a lightbulb without plugging it in!
  • See how a rainbow is made!
  • Create the world's smallest fireworks show!
  • See disappearing flash paper
  • ...and more!

What do the kids get to do?

Kids love the opportunity to show off what they know or what they think will happen next.  Unlike a magic show, we encourage kids to tell us what they think is going to happen!  In addition to the constant audience interaction, and the occasional helper during the show, all the kids will get to make something to take home.  That may be Loop-the-loop Airplanes, Mad Science Slime, Mad Science Putty, or Mad Science Bouncy Balls!

What age levels are the shows appropriate for?

Preschoolers through 6th-graders tend to get the most out of our Birthday Parties, but younger or older kids will certainly have a blast.  Younger kids will love what they see and older kids will love learning WHY things happen.  The Mad Scientist will always tailor the Party to the age group - giving older kids a bit more explanation than with a younger group.

What does my birthday child get (aside from the coolest party ever)?

During the show, our Mad Scientists seem to call on Birthday Children for help a lot.  Go figure!  Plus, they'll have the very same take-home activity as everyone else and a Mad Science sticker!  After the show, the Birthday Child gets one more surprise - a large, full-color Mad Science Poster that each guest can autograph!

Is there really educational value?

Absolutely!  (Ssshhh! Don't tell the children!!)  While the kids may not themselves be aware that they are learning, the parents certainly are.  Our Birthday Parties are based on the same teaching methods and materials used in our classroom programs, but with even more entertainment thrown in.  Aside from the specific material covered, the kids will become very familiar with the concepts of observation, hypotheses, and experimentation.

Are these experiments safe?

You better believe it!  As much as we want kids to have fun, it's even more important to us that they be safe.  Most of what we use are household items used in new and creative ways.  Some experiments may use small flames but these are for the Mad Scientist only - which, of course, is made perfectly clear!

Could we do even more stuff if we wanted to?

Well....OK!  We have a variety of add-on options such as laser shows and rocket launches that we can add to your party.

ADD-ONS and other options are described here

What about goody bags and stuff, huh?

Funny you should ask.  We offer fully-stocked Goody Bags, Invitations, and Thank You Cards.

Yeah yeah, so how much already?

Pricing can be found here. Pricing is based on several variables, add-ons and number of children attending.  Remember, that Mad Science is confident in the quality of its programming and we are 100% guaranteed.

Birthday Party Planning Frequently Asked Questions

How much space do I need?

Enough for your guests to be comfortable as well as a small area in which the Mad Scientist can perform.  The Mad Scientist works off of a table, which we ask you to provide (see the next question).  The show itself takes place in front of the table.  The take-home activity making is usually done on the floor (we bring a floor cover).

What does the Mad Scientist bring and what do I need to provide?

We bring all of the necessary materials.  All we ask from you is:

  • A table.  Card table-size or larger is fine (though larger is better).
  • Access to electricity. (For some parties.)
  • Access to running water.  (This does not have to be in the same room.) (For some parties.)
  • If possible, a room or area which can be darkened somewhat.  (For some parties.)
Lots of kids ready to have fun!

How much preparation time does the Mad Scientist need?

The Mad Scientist will arrive at your home (or other party location) about 15-20 minutes before showtime.  We recommend that the showtime be scheduled at least 30 minutes after the official party start time.  We don't want anyone to miss anything!

How long is the show?

The show, including the take-home activity, lasts about 45 to 60-minutes and may depend slightly on the number of kids or party topic.  Each add-on typically adds 10-15 minutes to the show, depending on the activity.

Is this going to make a big ol' mess or what?

Nope!  The Mad Scientist cleans up after themselves when they are done!  You won't even know they've been there!  (Except the kids will be much happier than they were before the show.)  The Mad Scientist will have a table cover for the show table and a floor cover for the activity area.  The Mad Scientist will pack up all of their materials and carry any trash out with them.


Can you do this somewhere other than my house?

Absolutely!  In face we have a list of possible party venues you that you can see by clicking here!


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