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Preschool Workshops

Mad Science Preschool Programs are engaging hands-on learning experiences for preschool children aged 3-5 1/2. Each workshop is an interactive, age-appropriate exploration of a specific science topic. From air, our animal and insect friends, to water, weather and worms, each themed program is designed to captivate the curious nature of young children. Preschoolers will enjoy engaging demonstrations, perform simple experiments and discover how science can help us better understand the world around us!




Mad Science offers an opportunity for preschoolers, ages 3 to 5 1/2, to gain knowledge through an interactive educational experience.  Each 30 to 45 minute workshop provides hands-on, entertaining, and educational activities, plus an exciting take home project.  Our many topics to choose from will encourage interest in a wide variety of scientific fields. 



Adventures in Air

How can something invisible have so much power?  In this class, we will use demonstrations and hands-on activities to show the power of air.  We'’ll submerge Mr. Sponge, but air will keep him nice and dry!  The children will get to make their own "“Loop de Loop"” flyers that soar and spin through the air!                                                                   

Bug Buddies

Get up close and personal with creepy, crawly “bugs!”  Your preschoolers will learn how to tell the difference between bugs and insects, and how to answer questions like "how many legs does an insect have?" and "are all bugs pests?"  The kids will even get to make a bug buddy to take home - don'’t worry it'’s not alive!

Digging for Dinos

Your kids will be little paleontologists in this exciting class!  They will learn about when dinosaurs lived, what they ate, and how scientists know they existed.  Your kids will participate in a dig for the "fossil remains" of a mystery dinosaur, and they will even cast their own T-Rex tooth.   

Powerful Plants

Get out your gardening gloves!  In this class all about plants, your junior botanists will learn where seeds come from and how they grow. They will discover how wild plants "plant themselves" through very clever adaptations involving wind, fire and wild animals.  They will plant their own seeds to take home, grow, and eat! 

Lasers & Light

This class will light up your life!  Your preschoolers will learn that light travels in waves, and that it can bounce and bend.  They'll discover that white light is made of all the colors of the rainbow.  The children will be astonished as black lights make pictures appear out of nowhere, and as fast-moving lasers make exciting shapes. 

Magnetic Attraction

You'’ll get stuck on this class that's all about magnets. The kids will prove that opposite poles attract and like poles repel.  The will "see" what a magnetic field looks like, and they will find out what materials are attracted to magnets.  They will even learn some magic tricks using magnets! 

Let's Measure

This workshop is tons of fun!  We'’ll explore the many ways in which we measure things every day, including time, temperature, weight, and length.  Your preschoolers will learn all about weight as they balance mini teddy bears on a real scale.  They'll also be introduced to length using a big "foot" that they can take home to keep on measuring!  

Sea Life

’Don'’t forget your scuba gear!  We will take an imaginary trip to the beach where we will discuss how sand is made and meet some creatures  that live in the ocean.  We will examine different shells, a starfish, and a sponge;  and we will talk about how different sea creatures live.  We will even make a tiny ocean that we can carry home in our pockets!

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Hello Color

In this colorful class, we will introduce your preschoolers to the exciting world of color using chemical reactions and lots of rainbows! Your children will have fun mixing colors and making a rainbow butterfly to take home.

Keep In Touch

We will show your children first hand how sensitive the tips of their fingers are by challenging them to identify objects using only their hands. They'll get to experience how some people read with their fingers, and they'll take home a project that they made using their power of touch.

Listen Closely

Preschoolers love to make noise!  In this noisy class, children will learn that sound travels in waves and can be heard in a variety of pitches.  They will see and feel the vibrations that generate sound, and they will learn how sound effects can be created from ordinary materials.

Mad Mixtures

Exploration into the world of chemistry is the theme for this class. Through our Exploding Colors and Liquid Lasagna experiments (among others) the children will get an understanding of chemicals, chemical reactions, and density.  Then they'll mix up a batch of play dough to take home!

Slime: Playing with Polymers

Giant molecule chains called polymers are vital to modern civilization; and they can be lots of fun for kids.  In this slimy class, we will explore, create and play with the most entertaining and useful molecule known to science, and discover its many shapes and forms. 

Smoke & Bubbles

This workshop is really "cool!"  Your kids will be mesmerized when we use dry ice to make bubbling potions, shivering quarters, popping corks, and a thrilling cemetery scene.  They'll even learn that the "smoke" from dry ice is really carbon dioxide gas. 

Stellar Space

Your preschoolers will discover the wonders of space in this exciting and interactive class. We'll learn about, and see beautiful photos of our planet Earth, the sun and moon, and all the planets in our Solar System.  We'll even take a pretend trip to the moon where we'll collect moon rocks and take a moon walk just like real astronauts!   

Wiggly Worms

In this class, children will explore the fascinating lifestyle of worms;  they'll learn where worms live, what they eat & how they see.  Using magnifying glasses, children will examine live worms, up close & personal!

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Energy and Motion

Do you have energetic preschoolers?  This hands-on program will harness their energy as they learn about ... …energy!  Using springs, wind up toys, and tube racers, they'’ll discover that energy can be stored and learn some basics about motion. 

Fluttering Birds

Your kids'’ imaginations will soar as they learn about birds' nests, eggs, feathers and flight.  They'’ll learn first-hand how birds eat by using tools that simulate different types of beaks.  They'’ll see pictures, hear calls and learn the names of the feathered friends that live all around us.  This class is not for the birds!

Animal Friends

We'’ll bring the wild kingdom into the classroom!  Your kids will listen to the sounds that animals make; feel some examples of fur, scales, feathers and skin; identify different ways that animals move; and make some animal footprints.  If you think your kids are little animals, this class is for them!

Observation Station

One of the most important ways to learn about the world around us is to take a closer look!  In this class, children will get to use magnifying glasses, mirrors and microscopes, and their own two eyes to discover that things aren't always what they seem!  They'll even make their own optical illusion toy to experiment with at home.

Human Body

Head, shoulders, knees and toes (knees and toes)!   This class focuses on a subject near and dear to us - our bodies.  Your preschoolers will learn all about their hearts, blood, skin and bones with hands-on activities that will engage their minds.  They'll get to see the various parts of skeletons and use real stethoscopes.

Shapes and Structures

This class will shape the outlook of your preschoolers.  Using felt “boards” and "“magnatiles,"” your kids will combine shapes to make 2-D pictures and 3-D structures.  They'll get to build and take home their very own structures made of marshmallows, toothpicks, and a little creativity.  

Weather Wonders

Whether you'’re young or old, you know that the weather is important to everyday life.  This class is an introduction to the science behind the weather.  Your kids will begin to understand how temperature, water, and wind affect weather patterns.  They'll get to make their very own "wind socks" so they can check the direction of the wind at home.

Water Works

This science class is definitely not dry!  This hands-on class will let your preschoolers learn about what floats, what doesn'’t and why.  They'’ll take a plunge into the science behind liquids, absorption, and surface tension.  Each child will get to go home with a shimmering water tube.

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These workshops are designed specifically for preschool children with safety in mind.  Affordably priced and developmentally appropriate, Mad Science workshops will be a hit with all your little ones! 

We also offer Special Events and Summer Camp Workshops for preschool age children.



1 Preschool-age workshop: $178.00. Each back-to-back preschool workshop: $122.00


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