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Both Science and Our Kids are Part of the Future

Dec 8, 2014 12:00 AM

If you pay any attention to discussions on education policy—and especially if you’re raising kids of your own—you probably heard the acronym STEM thrown around quite a bit. It refers to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, and the whole idea is to steer the future of our country in those directions.

The promise of a better future is enough to most parents, but many people believe that investing in STEM education is a surefire way of strengthening the future of our country, and even of humankind. Our history is marked with historic achievements, with a massive amount of them being related to a STEM field.

Unfortunately, the past few decades have resulted in an insufficient amount of young people focusing on the sciences as a career path. There is plenty of demand in the job field, along with high salaries to go along with it. But for some reason, many children don’t focus on the fields that pay—and often mean—the most.

It’s not that children aren’t interested in science and technology. Many young kids are fascinated by and drawn towards topics like space exploration, dinosaurs, and the simple curiosity of what makes things work. Many people believe that students shy away from the perceived difficulty of scientific fields as they grow up. It’s our job to keep their natural curiosity piqued, providing them with outlets for discovery.

Let’s be honest; science is the closest thing to magic for us adults. It is the answer to our problems and the hope for our future. Science degrees lead to meaningful careers that pay well. Best of all, science is fun, so why don’t we steer our children towards it more often?

Instead of the usual activities, why not give your children a chance to be engaged, excited, and educated all at the same time? Who knows, they just might end up leading us into the future someday.

One of the best ways to pique your child’s interest in science is to have him or her participate with peers in a scientific forum. In West New Jersey, Mad Science can provide that perfect environment. After all, is there a better way to enjoy and learn more about science than doing fascinating experiments and other cool stuff with your peers?

To book a science filled birthday party, workshop, or after school program in West New Jersey, give Mad Science a call today.

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