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The Many Benefits of Inventing

Sep 4, 2014 12:00 AM

If you think back to the greatest inventors, you’ll realize that nobody sat them down and said “You must invent something, now!”. So why do we often see invention projects and fairs at schools? Why do parents tell their children to create and invent things? Well, the greatest inventions are present because great minds wanted to improve the quality of life with their new creation. However, most inventors wait for a purpose before creating, instead of vice versa. When you encourage a child to invent something, it gets their creativity flowing. It puts an idea in their head to create something.

So maybe you can’t tell your kids what to invent, or how to in invent it, but you can give them a nudge. Ask your son or daughter questions that can help him or her lead to the ideal project. Ask questions about convenience with school supplies, homework, or clothing. Think about your kid’s interests and apply them in this case. It doesn’t have to be the best idea ever, and it doesn’t matter if something similar has been done before, all that matters is getting the kids to create and imagine. These activities are helping to build a bright and strong future for us.

Inventing and creative thinking strengthen the brain, making every day activities and critical decision making much easier. Problem solving, judgment and self-esteem are also boosted by the art of creating and inventing. It doesn’t have to be for school or educational purposes if your kids aren’t the biggest fan of school. You can make this educational experience a blast by having a fun invention contest at home.

In addition, you could spark your child’s creative vision by taking him or her out of a traditional classroom, and putting them in one of the programs offered by Mad Science of West New Jersey could be just the jolt they need to embrace science, education and creative thought.  Let’s look at a few more benefits of fostering a child’s inventiveness.

Benefits of Helping Kids with Inventing and Creating Projects

·         Improved Cognitive and Critical thinking

·         Enhanced Fluent and Flexible Thinking

·         Boosted Self Esteem

Why is this so important?

With bright children who do not fear limitations, our future it sure to bring us something incredibly impressive. Check out some of these outrageous sci-fi items that we have done already, pretty close to flying cars and jet pack right?

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