Our Full-Day Camp Themes


NASA & Mad Science: Future Space Explorers

Mad Science has teamed up with NASA in a quest for Space Exploration! Take a voyage of discovery into the atmosphere & beyond as we explore planets, moons, & space phenomena! Investigate unique flying machines and build your own balloon-copters, boomerangs & mini hovercrafts. Build your own rocket and blast it into the air! Mad Science is the ONLY organization licensed by NASA!


EUREKA! Young Inventors Camp

Launch with Legends & Fly to the Future in our Inventor’s Camp! Discover the work of da Vinci, Edison, Tesla, Verne, Asimov, and more! Use what you learn to invent, build catapults, launch projectiles off a large trebuchet, create hot air balloons, and several types of spacecraft. Camp culminates by building sci-fi inspired light sabers that to take home, along with your dreams of the future!


Secret Agent Lab!

Look out 007- the Mad Science Secret Agent Lab is in session! Decode messages & experiment with metal detectors, night vision, and step into the shoes of a detective! Uncover the technology behind locks, surveillance systems, and alarms. Use what you’ve learned to find, collect, and analyze evidence and connect the dots to solve a simulated crime scene! Mad Science Spy Camp is 00-Awesome!


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