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Party Partner Pricing

 Party Partner Pricing


Wind and Bubble Party - Ages 4-5

Our Preschool Birthday party is an excellent introduction to science for the younger children. In it we help the children gain an understanding of what air is, in a fun and exciting way. We have numerous toys that use air (pinwheels, balloons, beach balls, tornado makers) that all the children get to play with. We make bubbles using a bubble wand, a bubble volcano and, using Dry Ice, we make large bubbles that when popped release some smokey gas called CO2. The last 15-minutes or so are spent having all the children make our Loop-D-Loop Airplanes that they get to take home with them.

Can be done indoors and outdoors. Requires water prior to the party.


Party A (Ooey-Gooey Party) - Ages 5-8

In this party the topic is Polymers: anything that is stretchy and sometimes ooey and gooey. In it we make our little buddy Eggbert fit into a small flask using a little bit of science magic. We melt the Wicked Witch of the West using acetone. Everyone gets to make a tornado using Vortex Generators and Tornado Tubes. After a few other experiments involving air and polymers, all the children spend the last 15-minutes or so making Mad Science silly putty that they get to take home with them. Can be done indoors or outdoors.

Party B (Light & Electricity) - Ages 8-12

This party is all about light and electricity. After our opening magic tricks we delve into the subject of electricity. The Mad Scientist uses a Tesla Coil to make small bolts of lightning, to light several light sources (neon bulb & florescent bulb), ignite some magician's flash paper and then holds the Coil by the business end of it in one hand, a light bulb in the other, demonstrating how electricity travels through their body to light up the light bulb. After that the children get to experiment with Rainbow Glasses to see all the colors of the rainbow. Following that is our indoor fireworks display! (We do promise NOT to blow up your house.) That leads into experiments with ultraviolet light. Finally, we switch gears to have all the children make some Slime! 

Due to the light experiments, this party must be performed in a room that can be darkened a bit. Requires water before the start of the party.

Party C
(Chemistry) - Ages 9-12

The topic of this party is Chemical Reactions! In this party the children will experience sand that is afraid of water, exothermic/endothermic reactions (hot and cold), and many more exciting, thought provoking, and fun chemical reactions. Other experiments may include Chemical Luminescence and light writing or a Mad Science water rocket launch and the famous Soda Fountain Spray experiment depending on whether we’re inside or out. The final make-and-take for everyone will be Super Balls. Great for older children! 



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