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Summer Science Visits


This class will introduce students to the realm of insects when they learn about their fabulous flying abilities, their unique eyesight, and the way they defend themselves against predators.  Students will get an opportunity to see how camouflage works and see the world from a bug’s point of view!

Hop on board the chemistry express for a high-speed science experience! Perform instantaneous experiments in this fast-paced class on split-second reactions that go like mad! Pick up an Action Flask and have a blast!

è Requires Electricity or Hot Water
Children will be introduced to the scientific concepts of phase changes and states of matter.  They will witness the phenomenon of sublimation as we demonstrate the unique properties of dry ice and the spectacular “smoke” it creates.  The children will learn that dry ice is really frozen carbon dioxide and will experience the Mad Science burp, a display of bubbling potions and, finally, a thrilling grand finale!
Students will discover what the Earth is composed of and how various forces combine to create rocks and minerals.  They will get to explore what lies inside an ordinary-looking piece of rock to discover the beauty that lies beneath its surface.  They will learn about the forces that create earthquakes, the natural faults in the Earth’s crust and what makes volcanoes explode!

Gravity... Inertia... Centripetal force... who could ever imagine that an introduction to physics could be so much fun? We’ll experience these awesome forces for ourselves and build cool devices and watch them at work! 
Students will investigate the powers and daily uses of magnets!  In this class, the children will learn about polarity, will visualize magnetic fields, and see how a compass is made.  They will even use invisible magnetic fields to levitate magnets!

Magic?  No, it's science!  Mini magicians will learn the science behind famous magic tricks as they pull a handkerchief out from their thumbs and make a pretend rabbit disappear with the wave of a wand.  Children will also learn how water can vanish right before their eyes; even Harry Houdini would be amazed!

Ooze into a gooey hour of sliming around!  In this program, we will explore, create and play with the most entertaining and useful molecule known to science, and discover its many shapes and forms.  Child will create slime using the Mad Science recipe, and then enter the Slime Olympics!   Children even make their own slime that they get to take home and keep!

Discover the exciting properties of sound in these sonic sixty minutes.  Children will learn how sound travels and how household items can be used to create amazing movie effects.  Junior scientists will end their auditory adventure by making a kazoo to take home!
Welcome to the wild world of weather! Investigate why it rains, what causes lightning and even how weather is predicted. Children learn about the effects of the sun and how it plays a role in evaporation. Create your own tornado tube and watch weather whirl! 


Bug Buddies

Get up close and personal with creepy, crawly bugs! Your preschoolers will learn how to tell the difference between bugs and insects, and how to answer questions like “how many legs does an insect have?” and “are all bugs pests?”  The kids will even get to make a bug buddy to take home - don’t worry it’s not alive!

Digging for Dinos

Your kids will be little paleontologists in this exciting class! They will learn about when dinosaurs lived, what they ate, and how scientists know they existed. Your kids will participate in a dig for the “fossil remains” of a mystery dinosaur, and they will even cast their own T-Rex tooth to take home.


Listen Closely

Preschoolers love to make noise!  In this noisy class, children will learn that sound travels in waves and can be heard in a variety of pitches.  They will see and feel the vibrations that generate sound, and they will discover with their own ears that sound can travel through many mediums.


Mad Mixtures

Exploration into the world of chemistry is the theme for this class. Through our Exploding Colors, Liquid Lasagna, and other experiments the children will gain an understanding of chemicals, chemical reactions and density.  Then we’ll mix up a batch of play dough for them to take home!


Playing with Polymers

Giant molecule chains called polymers are vital to everyday life; and they can be lots of fun for kids.  In this stretchy, slimy class, we will explore, create and play with the most entertaining and useful molecule known to science, and discover its many shapes and forms.

Sea Life

Don’t forget your scuba gear!  We will take an imaginary trip to the beach where we’ll discuss how sand is made and meet some creatures that live in the ocean.  We will examine different shells, a starfish, and a sponge; and we’ll talk about how different sea creatures live.  We will even make a tiny ocean that the kids can carry home in their pockets!


Shapes and Structures

This class will shape the outlook of your preschoolers.  Using felt boards and “magnatiles,” your kids will combine shapes to make 2-D pictures and 3-D structures.  They’ll get to build and take home their very own structures made of cornstarch noodles and a little creativity!

Smoke & Bubbles

This workshop is really “cool.”  Your kids will be mesmerized when we use dry ice to make bubbling potions, shivering quarters, popping corks, and a thrilling carbon dioxide shower.  They’ll even learn that the “smoke” from dry ice tastes just like a soda burp!


Water Works

This science class is definitely not dry!  This hands-on class will let your preschoolers learn about what floats, what doesn’t and why.  They’ll take a plunge into the science behind liquids, absorption, and surface tension.   Each child will get to go home with a shimmering water tube.


Weather Wonders

Whether you’re young or old, you know that the weather is important to everyday life.  This class is an introduction to the science behind the weather.  Your kids will begin to understand how temperature, water, and wind affect weather patterns.  They’ll get to make their very own “wind- socks” so they can check the direction of the wind at home.



1 Preschool-age workshop: $173.00.      Each back-to-back preschool workshop: $119.00

1 Elementary-age workshop: $195.00.   Each back-to-back elementary-age workshop: $144.00



Mad Science Special Events are spectacular science-themed shows designed to amaze and entertain young audiences of any size.

Children can conjure foggy dry ice storms, float on a Mad Science hovercraft, watch a foam factory at work, create super bouncy balls, make magic mud, alter sound waves, and so much more!

Mad Science Events are ideal for school assemblies, corporate events and community centers, and can be customized to suit any group size, budget or time frame.

From scouting banquets to libraries and corporate picnics, Mad Science is a unique way to entertain an audience!

Mad Science Special Events are…

  • Spectacular and captivating
  • Highly interactive
  • Educational and entertaining
  • Age-appropriate for children aged 5 to 12




Tired of bus trips, arranging for chaperones, and other field trip anxieties? Looking for a

no hassle, hands-on, cost-saving alternative? This summer let Mad Science come to your camp for a

FULL DAY of science fun. Try a Mad Science Sizzling Summer Science Day. 

For one low, affordable price, Mad Science will come to your camp and present one super Special Event and nine or sixteen 50-60 minute workshops that will entertain and educate up to 100 children in a day.

Sizzling Summer Science Days

Option 1 (for 100 children)

  • 5-hours of programming per child
  • 1 Mad Science Special Event
  • 16 Mad Science hands-on Workshops
  • $2,200.00

Option 2 (for 75 children)

  • 4-hours of programming per child
  • 1 Mad Science Special Event
  • 9 Mad Science hands-on Workshops
  • $1,500.00

  • Check out ourBirthday Parties
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