3-Hour Workshop Programs

STEM workshops for students


Chemical Curiosities

Mix up potions and experiment with all kinds of chemical reactions! Combine chemicals to create exothermic reactions, examine our non-Newtonian fluid, make your own sidewalk chalk and crystal gardens to take home!


Detective Science

Help solve the Bustertown Bake-Off Mystery! We’ve been asked to help the police investigate the scene of the “crime;” we’ll dust for fingerprints, examine clues, analyze different powders and interview witnesses. Help figure out whodunit!


Earth's Amazing Wonders

Calling all Junior Geologists! Unearth the rock cycle and discover the difference between sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks. Replicate rumbling earthquakes and explosive volcanoes, pan for gems, and create a sedimentary stacker to take home!


Energy and Motion

Forces are FUNdamental! Explore the energy of motion (potential versus kinetic energy) while tinkering with things that boink, pop, float, swing, and roll!


Laser and Optics

Become immersed in the world of lasers, light, and color! Discover how laser light differs from white light as we bend & shine beams of light all around the room and dissect white light with our special specs! Witness a small indoor fireworks display to show how different metals react to heat, and learn about tricks our eyes play on us by experimenting with mirrors and optical illusions!


Mad Machines

Discover simple machines! Unravel the power of pulleys, build catapults and claw grabber devices! We’ll compile all that we’ve learned & build our own Mad Science Drag Racers to race and take home!



Here is your chance to be a rocket scientist! Investigate the four forces of flight as you race through space learning the basics of rocket travel. Build your own Mad Science rocket to take home. If we have fair skies, we’ll even see the principles of propulsion at work with a real rocket launch!


Shake it Up!

Immerse yourself in the world of acids and bases, solutions and solubility, and lots of crazy chemical reactions! We’ll make corks pop, mix up a “magic muffin,” dissolve Styrofoam, create crystal gardens and even experiment with shaving cream marbling!


Shocking Science

Shocking fun awaits! Join us while we build simple circuits, make buzzers buzz, test our nerves, tinker with electromagnets, and even see a Van de Graaff generator create indoor lightning!


Slimy Science & Smokey Ice

Build model molecules, copper-plate a nickel, and make your very own ooey gooey Mad Science slime and putty to take home! Witness fantastic dry ice demonstrations with smoking & bubbling flasks!


Survival: Predators & Prey

Beaks, bites, talons & claws! Owl pellets, camouflage and critters’ paws! Examine all these and more in our nature discovery workshop!


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STEM elementary workshops