Our Preschool Workshop Themes


Adventures in Air

Preschoolers learn that even though air is invisible it is all around them, all the time. They also learn that air has the power to move items and to slow them down. They experiment with a variety of items that rely on the air to help them move.


Animal Friends

Children become an animal, identify animal sounds, and learn all about animal babies and parents.


Bug Buddies

Get up close and personal with creepy, crawly “bugs!” Your preschoolers will learn how to tell the difference between bugs and insects, and how to answer questions like "how many legs does an insect have?" and "are all bugs pests?" The kids will even get to make a bug buddy to take home - don'’t worry it'’s not alive!


Digging for Dinosaurs

Kids are introduced to the differences between meat-eating and plant-eating animals. They have the opportunity to look at some dinosaur teeth up close and work as paleontologists, by participating in a mini dinosaur dig that engages their attention and helps them improve their scientific knowledge.


Energy & Motion

Kids explore the concept of energy and how it gets things moving. Toys are used to help explain simple energy ideas and capture preschoolers' attention. They also get to take home toys called “Boinks” that demonstrate how energy and motion are related.


Fluttering Birds

Children learn all about their fine feathered friends when they take an up-close look at birds. They discover how to match bird mates, see what eggs are produced by which species, learn how a bird's beak is a tool, and how to identify different birds' songs. They take home bird warblers to practice their bird songs at home.


Hello Color

In this colorful class, we will introduce your preschoolers to the exciting world of color using chemical reactions and lots of rainbows! Your children will have fun mixing colors and making a rainbow butterfly to take home.


Human Body

Children meet Mr. Bones, the skeleton, and learn about muscles and body systems.


Keep in Touch

Children learn what their sense of touch tells them about the world and they also learn that some objects are safe to touch while others are not. The preschoolers are presented with the challenge of identifying a variety of objects using only their sense of touch. They also experiment with an interesting material and make their very own creation.


Lasers and Light

This class will light up your life! Your preschoolers will learn that light travels in waves, and that it can bounce and bend. They'll discover that white light is made of all the colors of the rainbow. The children will be astonished as black lights make pictures appear out of nowhere, and as fast-moving lasers make exciting shapes.


Let's Measure

This workshop is tons of fun! We'’ll explore the many ways in which we measure things every day, including time, temperature, weight, and length. Your preschoolers will learn all about weight as they balance mini teddy bears on a real scale. They'll also be introduced to length using a big "foot" that they can take home to keep on measuring!


Listen Closely

This workshop introduces kids to the science behind the sounds all around them. Kids experiment with a wave motion model and a twirling tube to help them understand that sound travels in waves and can be heard in a variety of pitches. They also learn about the everyday materials that make a variety of special effects noises in the movies and create their own special effects sounds.


Mad Mixtures

Kids learn about volcanoes and simple chemistry. They make their own modeling dough to take home.


Magnetic Attraction

Children experience the poles and power of magnets in this hands-on workshop that provides them with the opportunity to make their own magnet to take home.


Observation Station

One of the most important ways to learn about the world around us is to take a closer look! In this class, children will get to use magnifying glasses, mirrors and microscopes, and their own two eyes to discover that things aren't always what they seem! They'll even make their own optical illusion toy to experiment with at home.


Playing with Polymers

Giant molecule chains called polymers are vital to modern civilization; and they can be lots of fun for kids. In this slimy class, we will explore, create and play with the most entertaining and useful molecule known to science, and discover its many shapes and forms.


Powerful Plants

Get out your gardening gloves! In this class all about plants, your junior botanists will learn where seeds come from and how they grow. They will discover how wild plants "plant themselves" through very clever adaptations involving wind, fire and wild animals. They will plant their own seeds to take home, grow, and eat!


Sea Life

’Don'’t forget your scuba gear! We will take an imaginary trip to the beach where we will discuss how sand is made and meet some creatures that live in the ocean. We will examine different shells, a starfish, and a sponge; and we will talk about how different sea creatures live. We will even make a tiny ocean that we can carry home in our pockets!


Shapes and Structures

Children discover different shapes and structures by using different kinds of equipment, like Geoboards and Magnatiles. They create their own structure to take home using cornstarch-based “noodles.”


Smoke & Bubbles

This workshop is really "cool!" Your kids will be mesmerized when we use dry ice to make bubbling potions, shivering quarters, popping corks, and a thrilling cemetery scene. They'll even learn that the "smoke" from dry ice is really carbon dioxide gas.


Stellar Space

Your preschoolers will discover the wonders of space in this exciting and interactive class. We'll learn about, and see beautiful photos of our planet Earth, the sun and moon, and all the planets in our Solar System. We'll even take a pretend trip to the moon where we'll collect moon rocks and take a moon walk just like real astronauts!


Water Works

Water is more complicated than it looks and through this exciting workshop children learn all about the different properties of water. They experiment with floating, sinking, absorption, and so much more.


Wiggly Worms

This workshop provides preschoolers with an opportunity to get their hands dirty while learning all about worms. They work with magnifying glasses to get an up-close look at the lives and habits of worms.


Weather Wonders

Preschoolers help create a cloud in a bottle and make it rain inside. They also learn all about the water cycle and weather patterns, and design their very own windsock to take home.


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