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Get to know the instructors of Mad Science of West New Jersey.

Instructor with boy

Our Team

Our amazing team of Mad Scientists dazzle children with their outgoing personalities that bring our science programs to life! Every member of our staff is focused on creating unforgettable experiences for each and every child; helping us spark imaginative learning throughout the New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania area.

Each one of our Mad Scientists has experience working with preschool or elementary-level children. They have excellent presentation and classroom management skills, and they have all undergone an extensive background check.

Our Mad Scientists

Erupting Volcano with smoke above

Volcano Vance

Jetpack with flames coming out of the bottom

Jetstream Jimmy

Explosion, boom, bang, pop, combustion, burst

Dynamite Dave

Tornado, storm

Cyclone Sue

rock, crystals

Geo Jen

Light Bulb, idea

Luminosity Latisha

Solar System, planets, space, universe, milky way

Hyperspace Haley

Music, sound, noise

Jazzy Jasmine

Graduated Cylinder, flask, beaker

Beaker Becca

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