Our After-School Program Themes



Our BRIXOLOGY After School Program was developed in partnership with LEGO® Master Builders! Team up to build exclusive creations that will test their engineering abilities! Build carnival rides, drawing machines, mechanical animals, truss bridges and space stations. Try your hand at aerospace, nautical, biomechanical, and even structural engineering! Let the tinkering begin!


Crazy Chemworks

Welcome to the world of chemistry! Make your own ooey gooey slime while discovering polymers, dip into the world of acids and bases, perform split-second chemical reactions, experiment with different sticky materials, and observe the wonder of dry ice with bubbling potions! Join us on this thrilling trip through the chemistry lab!


Mission Code

Learn to code in our online gaming environment! Take on the challenge of playing around in simplified JavaScript code while creating your own game levels that you can share and test with classmates! Maneuver our robot through a series of challenges: smash bricks and rubies, collect stars, and navigate each Mission’s Maze! Each class reveals a new level, a new concept, and a new unplugged activity!


NASA Academy of Future Space Explorers

Mad Science and NASA have teamed up to bring you this exciting program! Create your own comet and explore the sun, moon, stars and planets. Learn what it’s like to live in space and work with laser technology that has been developed for space exploration. Investigate the forces of flight by building your own rocket! Weather permitting; our session will end with an actual rocket launch!


Funky Forces

Eliminate the mystery in chemistry & the forces that make our world work! Learn the secrets behind famous magic tricks, experience awesome forces, build some cool devices & watch them work! Build loop-de-loop flying stunt planes, use a vortex generator to create air pockets with a punch, experiment with gravity & create your own crazy crystal gardens!


Lights, Sights & Sounds

Explore the world around you in this fantastic series of classes! Create a periscope & explore optical illusions, investigate the power of magnets, explore the states of matter while making putty to take home, hear the call of the wild as you experiment with classifying animal tracks, uncover the hidden rainbows in ordinary light, make lightning indoors, and many other hair-raising experiments!


Science Discoveries

Dive into our “Crime Lab” and use forensics to solve a puzzle, learn about simple machines when you build your very own drag racer to take home, discover the science behind incredible movie special effects, examine magnificent minerals and glittering gems, explore exactly how toys work, and explore the difference between robots, automatons, and remote control devices! There’s so much to explore!


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